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Smarter business starts here

Improve capability
& productivity while cutting employee costs by 50%

Virtual Assistant NZ services

Smarter business starts here

Improve capability
& productivity while cutting employee costs by 50%

Virtual Assistant NZ services

Smarter business starts here

Improve capability
& productivity while cutting employee costs by 50%

Virtual Assistant NZ services

    Riki-Lee Newport
    Marketing Specialist
    03 544 1640

    Reduce Costs

    save up to 70% in salaries with our VA's

    Improve Efficiency

    Outsource tasks to our VA's so you can focus on what matters

    Grow Your Business

    Easily scale up without unnecessary investment and risk

    Increase Flexibility

    Expert virtual assistants whenever you need us

    About Us

    Hiring employees is risky, expensive and restrictive. Scale your business without scaling costs and complexity with our online Virtual Assistant services.

    Imagine a room full of enthusiastic, expert virtual assistants ready to complete any task you send them, any time. You don’t pay for their desk, their computer, the office space they use, or any other staff entitlements. 

    Imagine a workforce that expands and contracts with your workload, resulting in the most efficient, cost effective staffing solution possible. Imagine you could have this virtual support any time you need it, without any financial commitment. 

    No more imagining. When you work with Smartstaff, that’s exactly what you get.

    We work a little differently than your average virtual assistant company. No long term contracts, no wasted hours that don’t roll over. We earn your business by delivering timely, accurate results each and every time. Just pay for what you need and the hours you purchase will never expire.

    You’ll be assigned one dedicated virtual assistant who’s matched with your business. Our match making decision is based on the type of work you need done. We are very careful we match you with a virtual assistant who’s going to meet your specific needs and wants. Specialist virtual assistant’s can be called in at a moment’s notice for specific tasks outside of your virtual assistants skillset, at no extra cost.

    You’ll receive a weekly report showing you how much time was spent on each task and total hours worked down to the minute.

    Regardless of the size of your business or the type of tasks you need completed, you can unlock access to our virtual assistant NZ team and start getting things done within a business day. With so many upsides and zero risk, why wait?

    Virtual Assistant Resources
    Our Services

    Virtual Staff Outsourcing

    Avoid spending big dollars to employ permanent onshore staff to complete tasks that can be easily outsourced. We have exceptional staff ready to help at a fraction of the cost.

    Virtual Bookkeeping

    Tired of doing bookkeeping at the end of each month? With our virtual bookkeeping solutions, you’ll be able to keep track of your books without any stress at all

    Social Media Marketing

    Empowering Social Media Marketing will drive your company to an unbelievable dimension. Getting insightful information about your clients' behavior is a great way to analyse your potential customers.

    Virtual Administration

    No task is too small, and no project too big for our specialist virtual administrative staff. We'll do your repetitive data entry, report creation, and back-office processes with military-grade precision.


    Search Engine Optimization is an essential digital marketing strategy which drives the end purpose of ranking and positioning at the top of the website search engine.

    Virtual Accounting

    With our highly capable accountants we offer you the most affordable rates for virtual accounting services in New Zealand.

    Google Ads

    It displays the relevant ads, including texts, images, and videos, after intensely targeting potential customers while ensuring the reach of advertisements for your ideal audience.

    How are we different from other Virtual Assistant companies in

    New Zealand?

    Dedicated Virtual Assistant

    With experienced and specialist back up in the event your virtual assistant is sick and unable to work

    No long term contracts

    No minimum hours, long terms contracts, cancellation fees or expired hours. Simply send us the work you need done and we’ll smash it out of the park for you.


    You have access to our entire team who have an enormous range of skills, so there will always be someone available to complete your task and provide virtual support.

    Our team

    Our virtual support staff are all full time employees, we don't use freelancers, contractors or part time staff as these methods aren’t reliable enough for our customers.

    Our guarantee

    If our service wasn’t quite good enough, you wont pay for those hours. We’ll work quickly to iron out any issues and ensure they don’t happen again.


    Let’s Get Started Today!

    Please fill out your details and book an appointment with Riki-Lee, our Marketing Specialist. She is very friendly and always ready to share her knowledge with you, so feel free to ask anything.

      Riki-Lee Newport
      Marketing Specialist
      03 544 1640