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Discovering a Secret of Google Ads

Google ads are an effective advertising platform designed to reach potential clients in the most impactful way.

It displays the relevant ads, including texts, images, and videos, after intensely targeting potential customers while ensuring the reach of advertisements for your ideal audience.

Reach Your Business Potential Through Google Ads

Engaging with google ads is the easiest way to connect with the ideal customer ensuring the effectiveness at the right time. The way of application and implementation of google ads are determined by the target market, company budget and industry in which the company exists.

Break the Limits Through Google Ads

Get faster results than search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns

Reach the right

Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness

Monitor and Measure Ad Campaign Performance

Stay connected with

Track and Outperform Your Competitor's ads

Maximise Your Return on investment (ROI)

Smartstaff - Google Ads Services include

Campaign Ad and Copy Creation
Keywords Research & Planning
Reporting and Analysis
Google Shopping Ads
Performance Ads
Search Ads
Videos Ads
Display Ads

Our Packages


$399+Ads Budget

    • No of Keywords 15-25
    • 2 Search Ads
    • 3-5 Ad groups
    • 6 Ad copies
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Keywords Optimization
    • Ads Optimization
    • Reports – Monthly

Ads Budget : 500 NZD

Monthly 10-15 Hours


$599+Ads Budget

    • No of Keywords 30-50
    • 4 Search Ads
    • 5-10 Ad groups
    • 6-12 Ad copies
    • 1 Display Ads Campaign
    • 1 Video Ads Campaign
    • App Promotion Ads
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Competitor Analyze
    • Ads Optimization
    • Keywords Optimization
    • Remarketing Ads
    • Reports – Monthly

Ads Budget : 1000 NZD Monthly 20-25 Hours

Monthly 20-25 Hours


$899+Ads Budget

    • No of Keywords 50-75
    • 6 Search Ads
    • 12-15 Ad groups
    • 10-15 Ad copies
    • 2 Display Ads
    • 2 Video Ads
    • App Promotion Ads
    • Remarketing List
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Competitor Analyze
    • Keywords Optimization
    • Landing Page Optimization ( CRO )
    • Reports – Monthly

Ads Budget : 1500 – 2500 NZD

Monthly 35+ Hours

* Our experts are available to help you customise your Ad budget according to your needs. Maximise the impact of your campaigns and let us be a part of this exciting journey!

FAQ - Google Ads

Where will my google ads appear?

Google ads normally appear on google search engine result pages and a network of partner websites. You can reach it through any device, such as a desktop, smartphone, laptop or tablet.

If I have created a Google Ads campaign, how many leads will I get?

Lead Generation depends on multiple parameters,  such as the target market, competition of the marketing budget and the quality of the product or service. By hiring Smartstaff, you can have an insightful  understanding of lead acquisition strategies for your brand.

Why do you need a Google Ads Expert for your business?

Google ads experts with extensive knowledge and experience can run a best-performing campaign which ultimately leads to enhancing conversion. They will save both your time and money by streamlining the daily campaigns while ensuring effectiveness and avoiding unnecessary costs.