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February 26, 2024

If you’re revamping your website it’s important to pay attention to interactive website design trends. 

In this post, we’ll take a squiz at 6 interactive website features that our experts recommend. 

These trends will get you geared up for 2024 and beyond. 

Revamp Your Online Presence With These 6 Interactive Web Design Features.

#1 Parallax Scrolling

A feature that, when you scroll, makes objects that are closer to you move faster and objects in the background move slower. 

This feature gives your website depth and a cool look and feel.

#2 Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography refers to text that move. This feature makes it easier to direct a user’s attention towards important information on your website while also elevating UI and UX.

#3 Bento UI

This feature organises your website into a sweet as mosaic of different-sized blocks, placed neatly to create a pleasant look and feel. 

Bento UI can also guide user attention by highlighting important information on your website.

#4 Microinteractions

These are small elements or events on a website that provide information, feedback, or guidance to users. For example, lightboxes, hover effects, progress bars, etc. 

They help you understand how people interact with your website and how to improve interactivity.

Hover effects

Progress bar

#5 Hand-drawn animations

Animations in web design are used to guide user attention. Hand-drawn animations can accomplish this goal quite easily while giving your brand more character. 

People around the world view billions of websites everyday. A unique look and feel could help yours stand out.

#6 3D Graphics

3D design adds depth and dimension to your icons, buttons, and even to your products, making them super attractive to user engagement. 

Thanks to simplified 3D modelling and integration tools like Spline, our experts believe that this trend will be big in 2024.

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