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December 21, 2023

Mobile applications can help you maximise your sales and improve your business. 

What are mobile applications (mobile apps)?

Mobile apps are software designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. 

The average smartphone owner uses 9-10 apps each day. People constantly browse app stores, use web apps and hybrid apps, etc because apps make life more convenient. 

However, they are only effective for some businesses. Is your business one of them? Here are 6 signs that your business needs a mobile app. Take a squiz.

6 signs that your business needs a mobile app

  1. Your business has an online shop

85% of online shoppers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. If your business has an online shop, consider creating a mobile app. 

  1. Your target audience is between the ages of 18-34

People between the ages of 18-34 mostly use their mobile devices to interact with businesses. If your target market falls within this age range, it might be time to create a mobile app.

  1. A majority of your web traffic comes from mobile

What is web traffic? It is the number of views your website gets. 

If your data and insights indicate that a majority of people view your website from mobile devices, creating a mobile app would be choice.

  1. A mobile app can solve your customers’ problems

If customers complain about your website’s user experience or any other customer experience issues, come up with ways to solve them through a mobile app. 

  1. Your competitors have mobile apps

If your top competitors have mobile apps that are popular among their customers, it’s ideal to create a mobile app for your brand as well. 

  1. Your customers want a mobile app

Most often, there’s no better source than your customers. If a majority of them are asking for a mobile app, that’s a good indicator that you should create one.

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