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November 21, 2023

So you’re thinking of creating a website for your brand? That’s choice! 

Although, in the age of smartphones and mobile browsing, there are a few new trends and tips that a typical top NZ website design company may recommend.

Around 58.99% of all of today’s web traffic comes from mobile devices. That means more people who visit your website will do so from their smartphones so, you’d want your website to be mobile-responsive.

What is mobile-responsive web design?

Mobile-responsive means mobile-friendly. This means that developers reformat websites to optimise the user experience on mobile devices using creative web design techniques.

5 reasons why your website should be mobile friendly

01. People use mobile devices all the time

74% of your website visitors are more likely to revisit your website if it’s mobile friendly. This is because people are mostly on their mobile devices rather than their desktop devices. So if they spot a good website that is easy to access, view, and navigate on mobile, they’re very likely to come back. 

02. Google practises mobile-first indexing

Google’s web crawlers (automated programs that scan web pages to collect data, for Google to show you when you search online), prioritise a website’s mobile version over its desktop version when it comes to website indexing and ranking.

03. Mobile browsing leads to purchase 

People are most likely to use their mobile devices when searching for information about products and services. This search for information has a significant chance of leading them down the path to making purchases. 

Studies show that close to 50% of mobile users research products on mobile devices right before buying. And 30% of these users, make their purchase within the next hour. 

04. You can bring your social media followers to your website 

99% social media users access these platforms from mobile devices. And 72% of all social media users access these platforms from mobile devices, exclusively. 

Which means it’s obvious that if you have a significant social media following, you must make your website mobile-responsive, so that it’ll be easier to bring those followers towards your website as well. That’s heaps of traffic!

And more website traffic means more purchases and enhanced Google rankings.

05. It is cost effective and much more convenient

If you’re following responsive web design standards and best practices, you wouldn’t need to create different websites for each device. This means that you won’t have to incur additional costs to create separate websites for each device that your website will be viewed on.

How to make your website mobile friendly?

Expert developers and web designers follow best practices to make websites mobile friendly or mobile responsive. 

These include designing a mobile responsive layout, reducing the amount of text on screen, rethinking button sizes and their positions based on intuitive navigation, optimising the search function, optimising the website speed, using larger fonts, removing pop-ups, optimising images, etc.

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