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March 16, 2023

Do you need help in handling your daily operations and tasks effectively?

So,now is a perfect time to hire a virtual assistant for smooth operations!

If you want to make your daily tasks easier, hiring a virtual assistant is the best solution because VA allows you to focus more on vital business processes.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

VA is a professional who works for companies remotely. This profession specialises in several categories, including digital marketing, accounting, HR services, social media marketing and admin service assistant.

What is a virtual assistant service?

A virtual assistant service is an outsourced service provider that provides virtual professionals for companies such as digital marketing, social media marketing, accounting and taxation.

Understanding the VA service scope benefits your business to take it to the next level. 

What time must you decide to hire a virtual assistant?

  1. When your company’s talent pool is weak

If your existing workforce cannot complete every task successfully, you can make two decisions,

  • Recruiting an in-house employee
  • Get the help of a virtual assistant

These two options each have advantages and disadvantages.

However, engaging with a virtual assistant can enjoy several benefits over hiring an in-house employee.

As a result, if your talent pool can not meet your needs, hiring a virtual assistant will be a timely decision.

  1. When your company is not time efficient

If your company needs more time to manage all tasks of your company, it’s an excellent time to hire a virtual assistant. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can manage your workload more efficiently.

  1. When your company frequently avoids critical business tasks

Frequent avoidance of critical tasks is a huge mistake, especially for small and medium-scale businesses. Therefore hiring a virtual assistant is a wise decision under this circumstance.

How to decide on tasks to outsource?

If you need help deciding what tasks should be outsourced, these three steps will help you.

STEP 1: Define your SWOTSTEP 2: Determine the period: How often should you do the taskSTEP 3: Important of the task
Defining the strengths and weaknesses of the company will help identify the most  critical activities which You pay more attention to.Considering task frequency, you can have a complete insight into what you should outsource and should not.You can decide what should be outsourced by scaling the critical task because focusing on unimportant tasks will waste your time or energy.


Let’s see the Services You can hire as a Virtual Assistant! You might wonder about this service list if you are new to this sector!

Digital Marketing

If you need help with the digital marketing activities of your business, the best solution is to hire a virtual assistant for help. Digital marketing VA will plan and implement digital marketing campaigns for your company. This effective decision can make your business operations more successful.

 Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a specific service under the digital marketing category. Hiring a virtual assistant for social media account handling is more affordable than hiring an in-house employee. A competent virtual assistant can take your business to the next level. This professional is responsible for planning and implementing social media campaigns and analyzing their performance.

Virtual Administration

Admin service assistants handle various administrative tasks and responsibilities. Assigning non-critical tasks to virtual administration assistants is essential in this situation. Then, you can pay attention and put effort into vital activities. A virtual admin service assistant can assist you with many different tasks.

 HR Service and payroll

HR is becoming more challenging because handling many employees with remaining duties takes a lot of work. Hence hiring a virtual assistant on behalf of your company is a wise decision.

Virtual assistants can help you to run your daily operations effectively and efficiently.

In addition, payroll is a time taking task that requires significant effort. An expert virtual assistant in payroll NZ can enhance your payroll process to ensure timely employee payments.

 Smartstaff as a virtual assistant NZ

Smartstaff is a reliable virtual assistant outsourcing partner dedicated to offering an optimum service for you. We provide a wide range of virtual assistant services: including,

  • Virtual Admin
  • Virtual Bookkeeping
  • Virtual Accounting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • HR and Payroll
  • Virtual Marketing

In conclusion, the VA profession is helpful for several sets of industries, such as digital marketing, HR, and Finance. Hiring a virtual assistant is the best solution for reducing a company’s time and energy waste. Ar Smartstaff offers the lowest virtual assistant service rates for NZ businesses with tailored VA service packages.
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