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October 20, 2022

Virtual assistants were becoming popular and a trending topic in the 2020s. It makes sense since the role of VA has CHANGED the game forever. But how can a virtual assistant help your business? Do they help your business as much as the internet claims?

THEY DEFINITELY DO! Let’s see how EXACTLY their services help your business. 

Make MORE time to do business-thinking

Time is a businessperson’s most expensive asset; it’s so crucial that it’s treated as such. Repetitive operational tasks often disturb growth thinking. Now, what would happen if your time to think about the growth of your business was cut short? Introducing a virtual assistant into the picture resolves this matter. You’ll have more time and freedom since your virtual assistant will take on most of the operational work.

Maintain the BEST customer service all the time

Customer service and reviews directly affect your sales. So, maintaining continuous customer service is crucial to growing the business. Trying to juggle everything might make you miss attending to important and urgent customer calls.

Customer service isn’t just about answering calls and emails. It’s about guiding leads through your sales funnel, following a business’s specific sales process. Professional virtual agent services can handle this as per your standard operating process. 

That helps you maintain the best CRM management operations at all times.

NEVER MISS A SCHEDULE or miss a meeting

Ideal virtual assistant resources can be used to work wonders when it comes to scheduling.

With everything going on in your mind, there’s a good chance of missing an important meeting. So, relying entirely on yourself is risky. You don’t have to take this chance. Your virtual assistant will execute all your calendar management and scheduling for you.


Making use of virtual assistant resources is one of the most cost-effective and successful methods of making maximum use of digital marketing.  Your virtual assistant will guide you to direct an abundance of online traffic to your company that ultimately will lead to more sales. Digital marketing boosts revenue more than traditional marketing to a great extent. Digital marketing is more cost -effective than traditional marketing and delivers a greater ROI thanks to digital strategies that enable the marketer to target an interested audience. Using virtual assistants is a cost-effective approach to maximising digital marketing without a hassle.

How does the process work?

It starts with market research and spotting selling points. Then comes the stage of creating compelling visual and written content. Finally, it’s a matter of choosing the execution method.

So, having a reliable digital marketing virtual assistant on board will increase revenue and lower your acquisition cost.

REDUCES COSTS on operations

How can a virtual assistant help your business in the area of cost-cutting?

In-house employees cost more because they bring in an overhead cost. Why should you pay more when a VA can do a BETTER job more cost-effectively? When you have a virtual assistant, you do not have any overhead costs, and you only have to pay for the services you get. You will have no infrastructure cost, maintenance cost, employee benefit cost, support staff cost, or anything. It is the ideal setting. 

Smartstaff is your partner

As you can see, investing in a virtual assistant has many benefits. At Smartstaff, we provide the best virtual assistants tailored to your business needs.

We help you to get ahead of your competition cost-effectively. Having a virtual assistant is an investment that every business should make in the 2020s.