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July 31, 2023

Every day, thousands of Kiwis search “digital marketing trends and strategies” on the internet. This includes everyone from university students wearing jandals, to those running a start-up business. As we speak, the dynamics of digital marketing develop at breakneck speed. This is all the more reason to keep abreast with insights from industry professionals. Are you still curious? Take a squiz at this! Here are our top picks.

Digital marketing Trends

Influencer Marketing

According to Jakub Spiryn’s take on digital marketing titled “Top 12 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023”, influencer marketing has evolved into a serious act. He reiterates the need for brands to acquire a higher level of professional skills to effectively harness the benefits of this powerful marketing medium. Don’t be gutted if you’re a far-out newbie as there are plenty of resources online to self-learn more on digital marketing trends and strategies.

Short-form video content

Our attention span is getting shorter. In this scenario, who can resist TikTok as one can easily enjoy TikTok while seated on a bus or train on your way to work or before one goes to sleep as a time-filler? According to Elizabeth Harris in her blog post titled 7 Short-Form Video Trends to Watch in 2023 (+Best Practices), she recaps, stating short-form video content is king in 2023, as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and more platforms take over our screens with bite-sized content as short-form videos hold the viewer’s attention when compared to longer videos. Short-form video creation is one of the most pivotal “digital marketing trends and strategies” that should be explored.

Digital marketing strategies

Mobile-first marketing

In Werner Geyser’s blog post titled 7 of the best digital marketing tactics to use in 2023, he writes about mobile-first marketing. Here, Werner states, “Since consumers are hooked to their mobiles, brands and marketers must follow the cue and make mobile marketing a priority”. Looks a bit sus. Not at all. Undoubtedly, a mobile site is a basic requirement if you want to keep in touch with your on-the-go customers and businesses would do well to remember that a “less is more” concept works best since text-heavy pages may intimidate users.

As per Brian Wisniach in the blog article, What does mobile-first-mean? there are several benefits to following mobile-first marketing. It makes your products or services more accessible to potential customers, and it also enhances the potential for SEO performance due to faster loading time and the fact that Google prioritises mobile-friendly pages.

Voice/Visual search

Moreover, Werner shares his thoughts on Voice and Visual search. He goes on to mention, a brand or a business should be equipped to handle voice and search queries. He believes voice and visual search will make up a big chunk of all mobile queries in 2023.

It is believed that new-age consumers have already embraced the hands-free experience that voice search provides. Therefore, optimising your brand’s online presence for Voice/Visual search capabilities is paramount in 2023.


This is a cracker of a time to embrace emerging digital technologies that will provide opportunities for success. In like manner, innovative digital marketing trends and strategies can help your business lead the way and grow. Remember David vs. Goliath? In the present context, even a bach or a dairy can have big-time clout in the digital space. That’s a crack up!