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October 17, 2023

Work-life balance is not a new concept to kiwis. In fact, many kiwis already enjoy this privilege

Is there work-life balance in NZ?

According to a recent study conducted by global employment company, Remote, New Zealand now ranks first for work-life balance, above all other countries. 

In Aotearoa, 75% of employees benefit from work flexibility and are able to enjoy their personal lives.

What about NZ small business owners?

While most people enjoy work-life balance, knackered small business and startup owners often find it difficult to achieve it. 

They’re constantly planning and strategising. On top of that they’re also unable to hire large amounts of qualified employees to handle different business functions. 

This can create excess work for small business owners

Do NZ small business owners overwork?

Most kiwi small business owners work above the average number of hours per week. 

An independent research by Xero revealed that while one in three small business owners feel like they’re working too many hours per week, over a quarter of them find this lifestyle highly unsustainable. 

Contributing to over a quarter of the GDP and making up 97% of all businesses in NZ, small businesses play a really important role in keeping the country’s economy afloat. 

So it’s crucial that those who run this side of the economy, i.e. small business owners, find their work style not only sustainable but enjoyable as well.

How can NZ small business owners find work-life balance?

In the same study by Xero, three out of five small business owners revealed that administrative tasks have affected their mental health and their passion for work. 

This proves that if a third party was able to handle admin tasks, small business owners will be able to put their complete focus on more enjoyable tasks. They will also be able to save time and spend it on their personal lives. 

With some much needed help, they will avoid burnout and maintain a sustainable work style. 

Imagine you and your folks at a bach enjoying a stubbie or two and a few snags off the barbie. Sounds great, eh?

Who is a virtual admin/virtual assistant?

A virtual admin or virtual assistant, is a qualified and experienced professional, who can connect with you online and handle business tasks for you. 

You wouldn’t have to pay their salaries, offer leave and bonuses, incur hiring and overhead costs, etc. 

They offer their services at affordable rates and they come with little to no commitments. 

There are 100+ tasks that you can delegate to a virtual admin. Our Ebook goes into more detail on this and we can forward it to you if you drop your email address on the chat.

How can virtual admins help?

If you’re a small business owner, this is what your virtual admin can do for you:

  1. Completing tasks that are beyond your expertise 

If a certain set of tasks is beyond your expertise, you can easily assign it to your virtual assistant. 

  1. Completing tasks that are repetitive and lengthy 

Certain tasks have to be done repeatedly and are lengthy. You can delegate such tasks to your virtual admin.  

  1. Maintaining your boundaries on your behalf

If you’re unavailable on certain days, your virtual admin can attend to emails, calls, texts and other important work on your behalf. 

  1. Completing tasks that you simply do not enjoy doing

You’re bound to have tasks that you’re not all that keen to do. No worries, your virtual admin has got your back.

Virtual assistants and small business support in NZ with Smartstaff

We’ve got a talented and highly qualified pool of virtual admins that can take on your administrative tasks, accounting tasks, and bookkeeping tasks. 

Additionally, our digital marketing and IT services are also among the best virtual admin services in NZ. You can also access resources and small business guides on our website that may help you along your business journey. 

Drop your email address on the chat and we’ll forward you our Ebook detailing 100+ tasks that you can assign to your virtual admin. 

That’s 100+ tasks off your plate! Sweet as, isn’t it? 

We’re among the top-ranked outsourcing business services in NZ. Let’s chat and find out what services best suit you.