Best virtual assistant agency in New Zealand

Why outsource with Smartstaff?

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced and trusted outsourcing providers, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a distinct competitive advantage. 

Smartstaff understands the immense challenges our clients face in our high-cost economy because we have experienced it first hand. We use technology to our advantage to ensure your team can communicate easily and efficiently with our Sri Lankan based support teams. 

We’ll save your local team huge amounts of time and stress completing their non-core tasks to the highest standard, freeing them up to work more strategically, increasing productivity, profit and staff satisfaction.

Customer Focused

The Smartstaff Sri Lankan team always goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy with the end result. They are responsive to requests and feedback, work on your schedule, and never miss a deadline. You won’t even notice the time difference when working with our offshore team.

Outstanding communication

With Smartstaff, you don’t have to explain anything twice. Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager who will take care of everything for you, and will relay all the requirements and updates to your hand-picked team.

More than cost savings

While saving money is an important factor in choosing an outsourcing provider, for us, it is not just about cutting down the costs. We are committed to providing the best value for money, which means delivering high quality work that goes above and beyond.

Qualified Staff

Our offshore team of virtual staff has talents and skills that go beyond a mere certification. As well as being screened for standard requirements like English skills and job specific tests, our team is selected based on passion, work ethic, and dedication to the job.

Zero cultural shock

Outsourcing can be difficult when you are dealing with different cultures. In this respect, Smartstaff is way ahead of the game. Our offshore team had the opportunity to travel all the way from Sri Lanka to visit us here in New Zealand and get to know the kiwi way of doing things.

Up to date

Both our NZ local and offshore Smartstaff teams undergo regular training sessions, so they stay up to date with all the necessary industry knowledge, latest technology, and platform updates.