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Outsource Sales Support

As a business, generating sales is one of the most important tasks you need to manage. It’s an area you can’t afford to skimp on if you want your business to grow and succeed. But as you already know, there’s more to sales than just selling. 

Effectively managing your sales plan requires attention to detail, time, and effort. When you hire a sales virtual assistant, you get back that time by having someone else take over the consuming admin tasks.

At SmartStaff, we can help you to hire a sales support personnel to take care of:

  • Outsourcing sales lead generation and follow-up
  • Telemarketing and lead qualification
  • Appointment setting and tracking
  • Proposal generation
  • Management of enquiries, bookings, and orders
  • Customer service support
  • Report analysis
  • Market research

As well, our offshore sales section team is experienced in managing and executing sales plans for a variety of different industries and organisations. So if you are looking to scale up, cut costs, or simply save a bit of time, talk to us today. We’ll help match you with the best virtual sales staff who will help your business succeed.