Autism NZ

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We were commissioned to create apparel designs and social media posts for Autism NZ, a non-profit organisation creating awareness on autism based in Petone, New Zealand.

Affecting approximately 93,000 New Zealanders, autism is a common neurodevelopmental condition in the country. Autism New Zealand has ceaselessly strived to empower autistic communities and create a wider understanding of autism among the public.

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Our goal was to design apparel and social media posts that bring out the seriousness of the cause while also conveying the joy and the cheer of the community.

Through neutral colours like grey and cool colours like blue, we brought out the gravity of the cause represented by the Hoods Up campaign. To add cheerful vibrance we decided to play around with colours like yellow while incorporating large fonts for the social media posts.

The Hoods Up campaign seeks to raise awareness of sensory sensitivities that autistic communities experience more intensely than others.

We applaud Autism NZ for committing towards creating a more inclusive society in Aotearoa.