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Virtual Assistant Service Rates

No risk, no commitment, no contract 

Flexible packages you can use whenever you need them. 

We will never attempt to upsell our virtual assistant packages just because we want the hours. We’re passionate about building long term relationships with ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs. We earn your business and prove our value over time. Our virtual assistant pricing is cost effective because you only pay for what you need. No more paying for downtime, lunch breaks or any other unnecessary expenses.

Although our “hours never expire” policy makes it hard for you to overcommit, our virtual assistant service rates are set low to maximise your ROI with us. After all, that’s the entire point of our service, you get more done for less, and free up your time so you can add more value to your business.

We’re here to get things done for you and reduce your overwhelm. Win back some time, stay organised and productive with our virtual assistant services. We offer the best virtual assistant service rates in New Zealand, hands down.

How is Smartstaff different from other VA companies?

How is Smartstaff different from other VA companies?

Our virtual assistant and administrative services are backed by our money back guarantee. If there is any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll fix it or you don’t pay. We like to keep things simple and earn your business.

Smartstaff Other VA company Hiring an employee
Virtual Assistant Pricing NZ $25-40/hour $55-65/hour $30-40/hour fixed term contract + staff overheads
Additional cost None None Sick pay, holiday pay, maternity leave, kiwisaver, breaks, recruitment, training, hardware, software, office space
Money back guarantee Yes None None
Team access Specialist VA’s and back up VA’s Varies None

Virtual Accountant pricing NZ

Virtual Accountant pricing NZ

We also offer packages for our Virtual Accountant services. Our virtual accountants are qualified chartered accountants with a wealth of experience in the NZ market. Reduce your accounting costs by over 70% by choosing from our virtual accountant packages.

Hours p/m Rate Monthly
Casual, one off projects $45 Varies
10 Hours $42 $420
30 Hours $38 (Most Popular) $1,140
50 Hours $35 (Best Rate) $1,750

Virtual Assistant pricing NZ

Virtual Assistant pricing NZ

Choose from our standard Virtual Assistance packages or contact us if you want something bespoke.

Hours p/m Rate Monthly
Casual, one off projects $40 Varies
10 Hours $36 $360
30 Hours $30 (Most Popular) $900
50 Hours $25 (Best Rate) $1,250

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