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Want your brand to stand out from the rest? We’ve got your back.

Our graphic design team doesn’t go by templates. We will create unique bespoke designs that are tailored to suit your brand and your needs. Our process will make sure that your brand and its values are truly represented. When we work, we focus on making your brand look cool and one of a kind.

Our Process


You send us your design


Our team gets together to produce ideas


We pick the best ideas and get to work


You review


We make changes and fine-tune our work


We deliver you the finalised

We create fast, we create more

48-72 hours; that’s all it takes for us to deliver. Our industry leading delivery time is something
that we’re truly proud of. For the initial review we will provide a minimum of 2-3 design options
for you to choose from. After that, it’s all about polishing and refining, which we can do pretty
fast too. And here’s the best part, the quality of our designs will stay excellent.

Affordable graphic design pricing in New Zealand

Can our fast and high-quality services be affordable too? The answer is absolutely, yes. Check out our pricing list:

Promotional Materials
Design Type Rate
E Signature Design NZD 32.00
Visiting Card Design – Double sided NZD 40.00
Letterhead Design NZD 32.00
Flyer Design NZD 80.00
Poster Design NZD 80.00
Social Media Post Design NZD 48.00
Social Media Carousel Posts(Max 5) NZD 128.00
Facebook Profile Image Design NZD 32.00
Facebook Cover Design NZD 48.00
Website Banner Design NZD 48.00
Mailchimp Design NZD 199.00
Company Profile Design NZD 240.00
Logo Creation
Design Type Rate
Rebranding NZD 600.00
Brand New Logo NZD 128.00
Brand New Logo + Branding NZD 600.00
Design Type Rate
1 Minute Promotional Video NZD 56.00
3 Minutes Promotional Video NZD 140.00
10 Minutes Tutorial Video NZD 210.00


What Graphic design services do you offer?

We cater to a wide array of client requests with our graphic design services, ranging from logo design, branding, social media graphics, print materials, video editing and more.

How long does it usually take to complete a project?

We usually complete a project within 48 – 72 hours. This can change depending on the complexity of the project, but our goal is to maximise efficiency and meet deadlines fast with high-quality work. 

Can I request revisions to the designs?

Yes. We want to create designs that make you happy, so your feedback is important to us. We offer up to 3 FREE revisions along with the package to ensure the final design meets your expectations. You can request a 4th revision at an additional fee. Ideally, our clients and we like to keep it simple by creating beautiful designs with the minimum number of revisions.

How do I get started with a project?

Simply fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss your project details. We’ll guide you through the process from that point onwards.

What information do you need from me to start a project?

We will need a brief overview of your business, any specific ideas or preferences you have in mind, and any existing branding assets/branding guidelines to help us maintain consistency. We’d prefer if you could provide any images, videos, and other multimedia related to the project in order to facilitate the design process.

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